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書  號:978-7-5433-2945-4
開  本:16開
作  者:金利 主編
定  價:28.00?



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    • 商品名稱: 我們身邊的英語話題庫——流行口語最潮,話題大家說
    • 商品編號: WZ958

    <p>書  號:978-7-5433-2945-4<br/> 開  本:16開<br/> 出版時間:2012-01-01<br/> 作  者:金利 主編<br/> 定  價:28.00?</p>


  • Chapter 1 Work工作

     Topic 1 All about work!你我都在忙工作。

     Topic 2 Hop for a better job.跳槽,你準備好了嗎?

     Topic 3 I’m the expert Oil interviews.過關斬將的"面霸"。

     Topic 4 All abotfl career-promotion or dead—end


     Topic 5 All about career--office.politics職場生涯——辦公室權術

    Chapter 2 Life生活

     Topic 1 We were born after 1980s.我們是80后。

     Topic 2 Look at my empty pocket!每月月底,囊中羞澀。

     Topic 3 I’m good at bargaining.砍價,我在行。

     Topic 4 Is it hard to find a roommate?找人合租,有那么難嗎?

     Topic 5 Let’s go Dutch.我們AA制吧。

    Chapter 3 Romance浪漫

     Topic 1 I’ve got a little chickened out before the blind date.


     Topic 2 Flash marriage,yes or no?閃婚,新潮還是冒險?

     Topic 3 What’s the,future of college romance?


     Topic 4 I’m happy in my singlehood.我覺得一個人也挺好的。

     Topic 5 Are you hitting on me?搭訕——非誠勿擾。

    Chapter 4 Marriage婚姻

     Topic 1 Can you get along with your mother-in-law?


     Topic 2 The never—ending dispute on house decoration.


     Topic 3 Are you for or against"Naked Marriage"?你愿意裸婚嗎?

     Topic 4 It’s important to manage money!理財才是硬道理!

     Topic 5 How to defend our marriage?婚姻保衛戰

    Chapter 5 Interne.t網絡

     Topic 1 I’m so into on—line shopping.網上購物越來越in。

     Topic 2 I’m the die.heart fan of electric gadgets.我的數碼寶貝。

     Topic 3 This is a Web 2.0 era.今天你"圍脖"了嗎?

     Topic 4 You can learn a skill by offering others what you have.


     Topic 5 Do you have something to share?分享是最大的快樂。

    Chapter 6 Fashion時尚

     Topic 1 Go on a tour alone.一個人旅行。

     Topic 2 My credit card got maxed out.信用卡刷爆了。

     Topic 3 Hang 0ut at second—hand stores.閑逛二手市場。

     Topic 4 Enjoy the healthy lifestyle bf LOHAS.推崇健康生活方式。

     Topic 5 SOHO!SOHO一族!

    Chapter 7 Entertainment娛樂

     Topic 1 We’re a perfect match.讓我們宅在一起。

     T0pic 2 Are yoU a fan of American TV series?美劇一網打盡。

     Topic 3 Keep young at heart.我們還純真的心。

     Topic 4 YOU got a text.你有一條未讀短信。

     Topic 5 She’s a mic hog.到KTV里High翻天。

    Chapter 8 Emotion情感

     Topic 1 I have nothing to do with those gossips.八卦,和我無關。

     Topic 2 Don’t dump your complaint on me.我不是你的情緒垃圾桶。

     Topic 3 Are you a last—minute person?你喜歡拖沓嗎?

     Topic 4 Are you the victim of social—phobia?你有社交恐懼癥嗎

     Topic 5 Geez,I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


    Chapter 9 Society社交、

     Topic 1 Do you have the road rage problem?你是路怒一族嗎?

     Topic 2 Cougar women VS.Metro sexual都市熟女與城市美男

     Topic 3 High living costs made grown—ups live on their parents.


     Topic 4 1 want ahouse of my oWn.我想有個"家"。

     Topic 5 The So-called left-over guys and ladies


    Chapter 10 City城市

     Topic 1 Carpooling,the way to go!我們是"路友"。

     Topic 2 Let’S take it slow.放慢節奏,輕松生活。

     Topic 3 We are struggling to make

  • 金利 主編

  • 金利編著的《玩轉英語流行口語(附光盤最潮話題大家說)》從時下年輕人津津樂道的各種新鮮話題入手,話題涵蓋生活、職場、休閑娛樂、城市和社會新氣象。從這些時下最流行的元素里剖析最IN的英語口語,讓讀者在了解新鮮話題的同時,學到炙手可熱的地道英語表達,突破口語交流的障礙,同時攻陷英語和時尚兩個領域。

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